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Smart Lighting Control (SLC) is an innovative new system from enModus designed to dramatically reduce the installation costs of intelligent low-energy lighting systems. SLC uses advanced powerline communications to provide sophisticated lighting control and monitoring capabilities without requiring additional control wiring. SLC is a complete end-to-end lighting management system designed to work with the existing ecosystem of inexpensive third-party controls and sensors, making SLC the ideal solution for retrofit installations.

Key features

  • ‘No New Wires’ installation
  • Real-time energy measurement and status reporting
  • Seamless local and remote light control
  • Leverages existing ecosystem of drivers, switches, dimmers and sensors
  • End-to-end lighting control system solution
  • Flexible management platform options
  • Open API allows user customisation

Key benefits

  • Lowest cost, least disruptive retrofit installation
  • Accurate energy use and status data for owners
  • ‘Soft’ management of groups, scenes and dimming
  • Free choice of controls and drivers optimises costs for retrofit or new installations
  • Simple, flexible set-up and use
  • Local or remote hosting to suit client
  • Supports ‘own branding’ and BMS integration

Modern lighting technology, such as the latest LED lighting, offers significant reductions in energy use and cost to building owners, especially when integrated with ‘smart’ controls. For new builds the advantages are clear but upgrading to an ‘intelligent’ lighting installation in an existing building can be a daunting and expensive task. SLC from enModus is specifically designed to make this upgrade faster, easier and more cost-effective, maximising the ROI of a smart lighting installation by using the existing lighting wiring infrastructure and low-cost controls, sensors and drivers.

Low Installation Costs using Existing Wiring

Most ‘smart’ lighting systems take one of two approaches; either requiring a new, dedicated installation for control wiring (expensive or even infeasible in a retrofit application) or by using wireless technology (whose performance may be problematic in many cases, especially in older buildings). SLC employs power line communications to make use of the existing lighting wiring infrastructure already available in the building. No additional control wiring is needed and wireless ‘dead spots’ are avoided.

Leverages Existing Ecosystem of Low-Cost Drivers & Ballasts

SLC offers specifiers and installers flexibility in their choice of controls, sensors, ballasts and drivers. Basic installations can use existing mains switches and phase cut dimmers (removing the compatibility issues often seen with LED lighting). SLC works with a wide range of drivers and is suitable for the latest LED technology as well as existing halogen and fluorescent fixtures.

Real-Time Energy & Status Monitoring

Each SLC Node provides real-time monitoring of the energy use of the driver/luminaire(s) to which it is connected. In addition, driver/luminaire status information such as dimming level, LED VF (where available) and temperature is also reported. Any sensors attached to the Node, such as occupancy/vacancy sensors and ambient light level photocells, can also be monitored and their status reported back to the SLC Platform.

Flexible Control & Grouping Options

SLC supports a flexible ‘Group’ configuration scheme so that any Nodes (irrespective of driver or luminaire type) can be clustered by room, zone, department, floor or building. Up to 253 Groups can be specified per Hub. Activation of a given local/remote control or sensor can be assigned to activate any one or more Groups. Groups are managed through the Lighting Control Platform and can be reconfigured after installation. In addition, ‘Scenes’ can be programmed with specific lighting and dimming combinations within a Group and these enabled either through activation by a control or on a time-of-day basis.

Powerful Lighting Management Tools

The enModus Control Platform (ECP) provides a flexible and scalable lighting management solution, from a local single-office client based control panel up to multi-building, remotely managed, cloud based systems. Lighting energy use and status data from all Nodes in a system is aggregated and a real-time display provided for users. Historical data is logged for further analysis.

The open API allows lighting integrators to build SLC into their existing systems or create their own branded user interface. Web-based multi-platform client access means facilities managers can access the system via any desktop or mobile device.

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