Standard Products - ECP

The enModus Control Platform provides the central management, monitoring and database functions of the enModus Smart Lighting Control (SLC) solution. The ECP is hosted remotely by enModus on a cloud server for maximum security, reliability and scalability. The ECP provides an open API for user access via a web interface, which can be integrated into existing BMS/EMS systems with an own-branded UI if required.


Configurable Web Interface

The ECP is accessed via a web interface which provides a complete real-time report of the lighting status and energy consumption (down to per-luminaire level) and maintains a database history of building occupancy, luminaire status and energy use. This comprehensive data logging supports compliance monitoring and energy reduction goals.

Soft Grouping

The enModus Smart Lighting Control (SLC) solution architecture supports a flexible software ‘grouping’ capability managed via the ECP, allowing luminaires to be clustered into rooms, zones, floors or buildings for lighting control and energy monitoring purposes. Future change of use of the building, for example office re-partitioning, can be easily accommodated.

Flexible Client Access

Web-based access to the management, control, real-time status and use history of the building means that a variety of platforms can be employed by building owners and managers to supervise the system, such as desktop PC’s, tablets and even smartphones.

Mobile device support allows installation commissioning and maintenance tasks to be undertaken on location around the building whilst still retaining full access to the lighting control system.

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Latest Press Release

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