LED Drivers

Nodes support standard drivers and ballasts so lighting integrators are free to use the most cost-effective and appropriate solution for their luminaire design. Read more


Nodes support PIR and ambient light sensors to enable the most sophisticated lighting control systems to be implemented. Read more


Nodes support DALI and 0-10V LED drivers and both analog and digital sensors. They receive commands over the mains lighting circuit from the Hub and return real-time energy use, luminaire and sensor status back via the Hub to the EnModus Control Platform. Read more


Wattwave is a unique powerline protocol that has been developed specifically for low bit rate applications in smart buildings. Secure, full duplex Wattwave communication is delivered via a very low cost, embeddable implementation that is compliant to EN50065. Read more


Hubs are the central control units, which communicate using Wattwave powerline technology with up to 255 enModus Nodes and via ethernet to the enModus Control Platform (ECP). Read more


The enModus Control Platform (ECP) provides the central management, monitoring and database functions of an enModus Smart Lighting System. Hosted remotely on a cloud server for maximum security, reliability and scalability. Read more

User Access

The enModus Control Platform (ECP) provides an open API for user access via a web interface and can be integrated into existing BMS/EMS systems with an own-branded UI if required. Use any desktop or mobile device for web access to the ECP. Read more