Building Energy Management - Industrial

With increases in energy costs and increasingly strict control over carbon emissions the requirement to monitor and reduce energy use in large industrial and commercial premises is vital. With so many different types of equipment in a factory or processing plant gathering data from individual assets, groups of assets or departments is a complex task – getting it to a single point for data logging and analysis even more so. It is costly and impractical to wire a large plant just to collect energy data and wireless RF systems often struggle in metal-framed structures with high levels of electrical noise and interference.


The enModus Building Energy Management (BEM) solution offers another approach to this problem. Each enModus Node is able to monitor directly-connected electrical loads up to 16A at 240V and report energy use in real-time via the mains powerline back to the enModus Control Platform (ECP).

Larger assets, both single phase and 3-phase with from 3kW up to megawatts, can be integrated into the energy monitoring system using a third party energy meter in conjunction with an enModus Node. Firmware in the Node reads the output from the energy meter and feeds this back over Wattwave via the powerline to the ECP. The powerline used for the data and control doesn’t have to be dedicated or even be a mains power circuit – a lighting circuit would be sufficient.

By positioning energy meters at appropriate points around the premises a distributed energy monitoring system can be created which integrates with the database on the ECP – which of course might already be monitoring the energy use of the building lighting system.

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Chepstow: 30th June 2015. enModus Ltd, a leading provider of Smart Building Solutions, has today announced two new additions to the Senior Management team; Andy Bell joins as VP Engineering and Andrew Maynard takes up the position of CFO.

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