Smart Lighting Control - Commercial

Modern open plan offices require a significant amount of artificial lighting but often do not take into account daily changes in occupancy across the floor nor take advantage of daylight entering the building through the perimeter windows. These spaces are flexible in use and over time layouts are often altered with changing needs and use patterns as a business grows. Light quality is also being recognised as increasingly important to office productivity with techniques such as colour temperature steering to match the change of natural daylight as the day progresses.

The enModus Smart Lighting Control (SLC) solution can provide all the control and monitoring needed for a flexible modern office space, with the ability to connect a wide range of common sensors for occupancy and ambient light level monitoring. Switched, 1-10V and DALI outputs provide a full range of modern lighting control and with the ability to drive multiple drivers colour temperature steering is also straightforward.

SLC supports the integration of other important office building functions:

  • Emergency Lighting can be included in the overall lighting scheme with support for the scheduling of automated self-test and test report logging of these vital pieces of safety equipment – we call this ‘Smart Emergency Lighting’.
  • Energy Monitoring across the facility can also be integrated, with third-party energy meters interfaced to an enModus Node to monitor even the largest 3-phase assets, logging energy use on the webaccessible enModus Control Platform (ECP).
  • Asset tracking and employee location monitoring is also possible via RF connections to the SLC, with all key data logged and available on the enModus Control Platform.

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(October 4, 2017) – Fluxus Ventures has made an investment into enModus, a UK-based smart building technology company. enModus will use this investment, along with its recently raised £3m Series A, to fuel deployment of its innovative powerline communication technology. Fluxus is excited to support enModus going forward and will work alongside the enModus team as […]

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Latest Press Release

Shopping mall chain invests in powerline communications for IoT lighting

July 21st – Britain’s Intu joins £3 million Series A round in enModus, starts small pilots. Amid all the recent talk about Bluetooth, ZigBee, visible light communications, and Power over Ethernet as communication channels for Internet of Things (IoT) lighting, it’s easy to forget there’s a ubiquitous infrastructure already in place that can also connect […]

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