Smart Lighting Control - Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting is a critical element in a building safety system and typically accounts for 10% of the luminaires in a building. In most cases these emergency lighting units are dedicated standalone batterybacked units located in an elevated position – out of use for most of their service life. These EL units need to be tested once a month and must also perform a full 3-hour duration test once a year, with the results recorded in a test log available for inspection.

Smart Emergency Lighting

Done manually this testing of the emergency lighting system can be an onerous and time consuming task for the building maintenance staff, especially in very large facilities, tying up valuable people who could be working on more productive activities. There are also numerous opportunities for human error in the testing and report logging which is also less than ideal.

Given the high safety importance of emergency light testing it makes sense to automate this function. However, installing a dedicated control system to do this can be very expensive for a relatively small number of light units spread across the entire plant.

The enModus Smart Lighting Control (SLC) solution solves this problem by using the lighting powerline circuits which already exist throughout the building as the control network for the emergency lighting. Modern emergency lighting packs have DALI interfaces and support the DALI emergency lighting command set so that full remote operation and self-test is possible. By connecting the emergency lighting pack to an enModus Node DALI interface all of the e-DALI commands can be implemented via a web interface with the enModus Control Platform (ECP). Scheduling of unit monthly self-tests and annual duration-tests can be set up via the web, with all test results logged on the ECP for review and record keeping.

Furthermore, DALI EL packs can be integrated with a normal DALI luminaire so that one of the existing lighting units can also double up as an emergency light, making better use of the asset instead of it standing idle. The SLC system can drive such systems easily, so now the emergency lighting system becomes seamlessly integrated with the rest of the lighting system in the building.

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