Smart Lighting Control - Industrial

Industrial lighting applications are typically characterised by two main types of lighting system:

  • high-bay lighting: providing wide-area lighting coverage, typically for large manufacturing spaces
  • aisle lighting: providing narrow corridor-like lighting between rack storage in warehouses

It is not uncommon for factory high-bay lighting to be running 24/7 and as these units are typically 250-500W each they can represent a very large energy load and annual cost to a business. Warehouse aisle lighting can also be on far more than is actually necessary wasting energy and money and increasing carbon emissions when often no one is using that part of the facility. Rarely do either type of lighting make use of ‘daylight harvesting’ on bright days where the building has skylights.

Both types of lighting benefit from a smart lighting approach, with very significant energy reductions possible using a combination of low-energy LED lighting and smart lighting controls such as those provided by the enModus Smart Lighting Control (SLC) solution. An enModus Node can interface to both 1-10V and DALI drivers for LED high-bay and strip lighting applications and provide a wide range of control options via inputs from sensors such as PIR’s (for aisle lighting control) and ambient light sensors (for general factory floor lighting control)

Compared to a conventional hard-wired control system the enModus SLC solution also has the advantage of being ‘soft’ reconfigurable should the warehouse or factory need to be re-configured at a later date – and of course it also provides continuous real-time energy use data for Facilities Managers to demonstrate cost savings and support carbon compliance monitoring.

SLC supports the integration of other important office building functions:

  • Emergency Lighting can be included in the overall lighting scheme with support for the scheduling of automated self-test and test report logging of these vital pieces of safety equipment – we call this ‘Smart Emergency Lighting’
  • Energy Monitoring across the facility can also be integrated, with third-party energy meters interfaced to an enModus Node to monitor even the largest 3-phase assets, logging energy use on the webaccessible enModus Control Platform (ECP).
  • Asset tracking and employee location monitoring is possible via low-power RF connections to the SLC system, with all key data logged and available on the enModus Control Platform (ECP).

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