Smart Lighting Control - Retail

Nowhere is the importance of lighting quality higher than in the retail sector, with high light levels and high quality attractive lighting critical to showcasing products and engaging consumers. All of this comes at a cost and large retail shopping centres, superstores and retail warehouses have vast lighting installations with correspondingly high energy usage.

The most obvious public display of this lighting in the ‘front of house’ areas of a large shopping mall. Walk around any such modern mall and they often have very attractive skylights and conservatory style ceiling structures, which let sunshine and daylight into the centre of the building. You will also notice that many of the lights in these areas are still full on despite the bright sunshine – unnecessary energy use and cost. Moving to low-energy LED lighting with the enModus Smart Lighting Control (SLC) solution would minimise the use of energy for lighting in these areas.

It’s not just in the retail shopfront areas where the lighting is significant though, there are many other areas where light use is constant irrespective of occupancy or daylight conditions:

  • ‘Back of House’ areas such as service corridors to the retail units and loading bays for truck deliveries
  • Public access areas such as car parks and road lighting around the facility

Loading bays share many of the characteristics of industrial warehouse lighting, often lit using high-output high-bay units but with intermittent occupancy and use, so potential energy savings using a enModus Smart Lighting Control (SLC) solution and LED high-bays are very large.

All of these disparate areas of a complex modern shopping centre can be lit, controlled and monitored using a single integrated SLC solution. Occupancy, usage and light levels are monitored constantly and the data sent back over the powerline and then the internet to the enModus Control Platform (ECP). Energy use is monitored across the whole facility and different lighting control strategies can be implemented to minimise energy use. All of the usage data history is logged and available for review or compliance monitoring via the web interface at any time.

SLC supports the integration of other important retail facility functions:

  • Emergency Lighting can be included in the overall lighting scheme with support for the scheduling of automated self-test and test report logging of these vital pieces of safety equipment – we call this ‘Smart Emergency Lighting’.
  • Energy Monitoring across the facility can also be integrated, with third-party energy meters interfaced to an enModus Node to monitor even the largest 3-phase assets, logging energy use on the webaccessible enModus Control Platform (ECP).
  • Asset tracking and employee location monitoring is also possible via low-power RF connections to the SLC solution, with all key data logged and available on the enModus Control Platform (ECP).

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