enModus uses an innovative way to make any building smart.

Installing a network of new control wires in an existing building is costly and disruptive. Whereas wireless can be hugely unreliable at scale.

So, we developed Wattwave to deliver building intelligence and connectivity. Wattwave is a communications technology that uses the mains wiring, to send and receive signals between anything that is connected to that wiring and the internet. Wiring is everywhere in the building so why not use it?

How it works

enModus – How it works

In the building

Use Wattwave and the existing power-lines to create smart connectivity throughout your building. Enabling you to distribute control commands and return real-time building performance data.

In the cloud

enModus Cloud Platform
Consolidates and organises all building performance data into useful insights.


User Interface
Visualise and control real-time energy consumption of each connected light, sensor, circuit or asset across your premises to optimise energy use and minimise costs.